Monday, 19 March 2012

National Counter Terror Centre

Today the amendments to NCTC tabled by Opposition has been defeated much to the walkout by TMC. Whenever a new policy is introduced just for opposing ,opposition parties indulged in blocking the innovations without going by merits.The NCTC is a novel idea mooted by home minister on the model of FBI giving the investigative agencies to arrest the suspected terrorists without consulting the local Police. This happened once or some times in a year depending upon the active movements of the terrorists.A hue and cry orchestrated by opposition ruled states citing the misuse and interference in their law and order domain.All are unconvinced and so voting takes place in Parliament. Without nodding for a good cause these opposition politicised the issue.This to blame the Central govt in future terror related investigations.Now the way is cleared for a novel and innovative investigation.Fractured federalism and regionalism coming in the way of novel policies.How the NCTC is going to succeed  in coming days is the primary question?

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