Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Reforms in India a setback after state Elections

Indian PM Manmohansingh an economist started reforms from 1991.Till 2011 the reforms went smoothly with minor irritants of the left and Communist Parties.But the entire scenario has undergone a see saw change after some traditional conventional opposite to reforms captured power in important states. This is a really a blow to reforms commited by Congress Party. Opportune politics come in the way of economic reforms.First Left Parties TMC alliance ruling Party SP BSP JANATADAL BIju Patnaiks Party and the main opposition BJP and their allies for the sake of opposing Put the Economic Reforms on hold. All the opposition parties want the fruit(FUNDS) without sowing. They are hijacking the reforms .It is distress to note that some scams have put the Govt in defensive. Because of Scams every wants to override the govt.

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