Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Church Bells Ring For Anti Govt Protests

It is evident clearly that the Anti Nuclear Protests at Koodankulam in Tamilnadu,India are backed by a group of local Christian fishermen Community..So Naturally the church In Idinthakarai  support morally and monetarily.The recent raids by home ministry officials pointout the active support of foreign Ngos in the struggle.Some missionaries are banned for violation of foreign exchanges and misuse of funds diverting from the original purposes they had received.Yesterday after the local state administration gave green signal for the commissioning of the project the work resumed after a gap of eight monthe. The protestors as usually protested. They have the right to protest.But inciting the local people with Church Bells ringing alarmly to prevent the authorities to function. The Father or the Bishop doesnt prevent his premises used for anti govt protests. They gave a green signal to the protestors. No rational thinking people expect this from Church authorities.They should not toe the line of protestors which inturn may go against the local people. The Churches should remain neutrality and making the people to understand  the problem.If they take one sidedview it will go againsst them.

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