Friday, 16 March 2012

Reforms not in full swing

As expected the budget presented to day in Indian Parliament by Pranab Mukherjee our finance minister has little room for new reforms. Because of coalition compulsions the UPA govt not going beyond by certain bountaries. Though the Primeminister and Financeminister are for reforms some conventional adamant coalition partners are not for new reforms.Food security bill for all the Indians is introduced. FDI RETAIL is still on hold.Disinvestments to the tune of 7.25 billion us dollars from Public sector is going to be allowed.FDI in aviation up to 49%is going to be allowed to ease the financial strains of aviation sector.The same with securities and Mutual investment for the state owned banks to  tune of $4 billions. Fdi in arms produce allowed to certain conditions. But this is not a whole hearted wish of the govt. Since their hands are tied  their efforts of liberalisation has not come in full swing.Only half hearted measures are taken.....

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