Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Now Indian Parliament has enacted the executive decision to allow FDI Retail in India under certain Parametres.After the defeat in the hands of ruling Congress led UPA the Communists and the main opposition in FDI Retail they had raised a non issue.They charged that WALMART had spent so many million dollars for lobbying. In American Law that is not violative. But in India these opposition made an issue as if some bribery  had taken place. Pure politics has has come down to a low level that an enquiry commission has been appointed to probe.Lobbying means canvassing advertising and meeting the persons in pure business interests. Indian companies are lobbying in US. Whether it is a crime to lobby?Nobody understands the exact meaning of lobbying. Everybody has their own perception.Indian opposition do only to oppose. They have no merits but to disturb the parliament too much on frivilous matters.In INDIA negativity is spreading just like wildfire. The medias are mainly responsible for negativity because they are acting as prosecutors and judges..Their spread of lies is mainly for negativity.

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