Wednesday, 7 March 2012

India Plagued by internal dissention

Indian political scene totally changed with the mindset of the people. Some scams have erupted and so everybody encroaching the Central Govts executivepowers. Auditor general of India Election commissioners Vigilance commisioner are constitutional authorities. They are usurping their powers too much to embarass the Govt.They think they are uncontrollable unanswerable to anybody.They imagine they are having skylimit powers. Judicial activism already eroded the executive powers.Everybody wants to override the govt by harsh means. Social activisits medias going beyond their boundary. Medias analysing the court verdicts and give their influential judgements intheir chambers.Everybody saying we have the right to protest and right to debate unmidful of consequences. India is having a population of 120 billionss and itis easy to stimulate the sentiments emotions of the people. The opposition is for opposing and not for development. Regionalism have turned the tables and it is not possible for anybody to overcome this situation. In this situation the good Economists like Manmohansingh cannot go beyond to certain limits.this is the sad situation.....

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