Monday, 21 May 2012

UPA-2s 3year performances

UPA 2 has completed three years in power as on today.In 2009 elections Cong led UPA has captured power not Congress alone.The opposition has over reacted and disturbed the Parliament too much. Because of one scam the entire country is put to ransom by these opposition parties. They stalled one entire Parliament session and many bills are put in dustbin because of arrogance and adamancy of the opposition. The allies of UPA are dictating their terms and put the govt in jeopardy. Without minding the Nation as a whole some regional and federal oriented small parties are diluting the entire agenda. These parties want money from the Central  Govt but they wont allow the reform process to be carried on.Everybody knows the govt is in minority in Upper house and so everybody dictating terms. The medias false proaganda and the Lokpal movement initiated by social activists spoiled Indias Image abroad. The European crisis has taken its toll on Indian currency and it is one of the weakest currencies in Asia losing 10% of its value.All these put a burden on the Govt unable to solve the problems because of the adamant allies and the arrogant opposition. If the govt does not solve this the same may come to all the future govts.National interest is thrown back and the regional interest comes to the fore.Criminalisation of politics forced INDIA to not to act.The glorious economist is put under pressure and everybody prays for the welfare of the govt.

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