Friday, 9 March 2012

Rahul Dravid The legend

Today Indian Cricket Legend R.Dravid retires from Test arena.After playing for 16 years he has contributed to Indian Cricket in a high level. After Sachin Tendulkar he is the prolific scorer to India.He had retired from One day Internationals a few months back.Even in T20s his share is magnitude. He is a great legend but a simple outstanding man.Started his career in Karnataka for Ranji trophy he showed his acumenship that carried him to the test arena.His contribution more than thirteen thousand runs is immense.He outshone anybody in foreign soils which is a rare phenomenon.He stood solid when needy situation warrants.He outclassed others in catching also.His retirement created a vaccum which is hard to fill .His retirement not premature but taken in as wise decision.He showed his place to the aspiring youngsters.Nobody can erase this gentleman from our memories.

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