Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fractured Verdict

Indian general election for the Parliament is approaching very fast.Election Commission is going to announce the election dates very soon. Unnatural and unholy alliances are taking shape without minding the outcome of elections.Small parties are threatening the bigger parties for better bargains.The ruling Congress led UPA is contesting the elections with some new Parties,but some good parties made their exit. The opposition NDA with some new parties are contesting . Both the alliances are contesting all the seats and a bitter political contest was expected some few days ago.Now the situation has changed to the dismay of these grand alliances. Third front comprising the left ,some regional parties in power and some like minded parties are also entering the fray to all the seats. Besides these one more federal alliance with Mamta Bannerjee with social activistAnna Hazare are also contesting the elections withe support of some parties.New entrants AAP is also contesting more than 375 parliament seats. Miss Mayawati is also contesting 300 seats.Vote share of major alliances such as UPA and NDA are eroded. Pollsters are giving wrong opinion polls getting money. This was exposed by sting operation of one TV channel.Now the time has come to vote. Already plagued by regional parties the national parties wont take decisions independently.Only any govt will survive with the cooperation of small parties only. Reform chapter wont go further.Parliament will not run smoothly. Under these circumstances fractured verdict is only possible. No visible victory for any alliance is still under doubt.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Indias foreign policy

Now Indian policy is in danger. The political battle in Tamilnadu enters into a new low ebb causing considerable damage to Indian foreign policy. The ruling clique and the main opposition and other political parties engage in cheap politics over Srilankan attrocities.It went to the extend of dictating foreign affairs in unlimited ways. One party wants India should not attend the forth coming Commonwealth conference in Srilanka. Another party wants the boycott of Srilankan players in the forthcoming IPL Cricket Tournament.Every party locked in horns with each other to mesmerise the Srilankan Tamils.No botheration about economic conditions , only bother about Srilankan Tamils.One party quits the Central govt suddenly for lankan Tamils. These attitudes will go unchecked. Some concerns in some quarters that these attitudes never bother the Indian Tamils.Some student movement is creeping also in some quarters regarding these issues.Too much hatred for Srilankans force the Srilankan Govt to have new friendship with Pakistan and China.A testing time for the govt at the centre  and they face severe crisis in foreign affairs.After the Italian marine issue new hurdles come in the form of Srilanka.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Now Indian Parliament has enacted the executive decision to allow FDI Retail in India under certain Parametres.After the defeat in the hands of ruling Congress led UPA the Communists and the main opposition in FDI Retail they had raised a non issue.They charged that WALMART had spent so many million dollars for lobbying. In American Law that is not violative. But in India these opposition made an issue as if some bribery  had taken place. Pure politics has has come down to a low level that an enquiry commission has been appointed to probe.Lobbying means canvassing advertising and meeting the persons in pure business interests. Indian companies are lobbying in US. Whether it is a crime to lobby?Nobody understands the exact meaning of lobbying. Everybody has their own perception.Indian opposition do only to oppose. They have no merits but to disturb the parliament too much on frivilous matters.In INDIA negativity is spreading just like wildfire. The medias are mainly responsible for negativity because they are acting as prosecutors and judges..Their spread of lies is mainly for negativity.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Second wave of reforms

Now Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has initiated so many reforms in the past fifteen days.Unruffled by criticism he had begun to swing into action. undeterred by opposition of both the left and the right he had silenced the critics for underperforming. Now one coalition Partner walked out of the ruling front against reforms.That party Trinamool Party fearing of the left in WestBengal doesnt allow reforms so far. Now they are thrown out and things are moving correctly.Without minding the numerical calculations in Parliament PM and Congress indulge in welfare and reform measures. The main reform in allowing the FDI Retail up to 51%  is notified subject to the federal states wishes.The falling rupee is arrested and 4%appreciation is seen within seventy two hours.Diesel the most subsidised product is hiked by 11%. With mounting opposition these reforms are taken to save the rupee.Cooking subsidised gas is restricted for smaller volumes. Another wave of reforms in Pension and insurance sectors are in the pipeline.The electricity boards are restructured from financial losses. So more measures are coming in the near future.Because of some unproved scams some hesitation in reforms and now Indian Economy is going in the right direction.the complexity of Indian politics is so wide that left and conventional parties donot allow reforms. The Govt is bold enough to  handle the situation and will come out flying colors to the aspirations of millions of reformists.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Manmohan Singh not an underperformer

This week TIMES magazine in an article calls PM Manmohansingh as an under performer. Times memory is short lived and so it generates heat in Indian politics. The average GDP growth for the last eight Years is 8.25%which no Prime Minister of INDIA had acheved. The current turmoil is due to global factors. For the last one year OIL prices have sharply increased. only now it has come down due to global recession. European banking crisis, Spains Problem Italys economic conditions Greeces financial burdens naturally affected Global Economy.India is not an exemption to this crisis.Even in this crisis India had achieved 6.3 growth rate. India is next only to China in GDP growth. Some internal problems such as coalition compulsions doesnt allow to carry more reforms. Some conventional parties for their political survival are rigid in not allowing the FDI RETAIL.Other opposition parties taking advantage of the situation doesnt cooperate with the ruling coalition.In this situation how can Manmohan the modern Indias Economic architect give more reforms? Inspite of all the odds he tried his best to push reforms and make sincere efforts to get FIIs in development.If coalition is Peoples choice the same to all fiture governments.

Monday, 21 May 2012

UPA-2s 3year performances

UPA 2 has completed three years in power as on today.In 2009 elections Cong led UPA has captured power not Congress alone.The opposition has over reacted and disturbed the Parliament too much. Because of one scam the entire country is put to ransom by these opposition parties. They stalled one entire Parliament session and many bills are put in dustbin because of arrogance and adamancy of the opposition. The allies of UPA are dictating their terms and put the govt in jeopardy. Without minding the Nation as a whole some regional and federal oriented small parties are diluting the entire agenda. These parties want money from the Central  Govt but they wont allow the reform process to be carried on.Everybody knows the govt is in minority in Upper house and so everybody dictating terms. The medias false proaganda and the Lokpal movement initiated by social activists spoiled Indias Image abroad. The European crisis has taken its toll on Indian currency and it is one of the weakest currencies in Asia losing 10% of its value.All these put a burden on the Govt unable to solve the problems because of the adamant allies and the arrogant opposition. If the govt does not solve this the same may come to all the future govts.National interest is thrown back and the regional interest comes to the fore.Criminalisation of politics forced INDIA to not to act.The glorious economist is put under pressure and everybody prays for the welfare of the govt.



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