Monday, 26 March 2012

Team Anna a stumbling impediment to economic growth

Team Anna as usual started their tirade against Congress and the Central Govt.Now they gave an ultimatum to register cases against fourteen union ministers without verifying the charges. In their team PIL masters are there,who prevents them from filing private complaints? It is a mere gymmick to use their platform to settle their personal scores against some ministers who vehemently opposed this movement and their intensions. When the special court gave its ruling on prosecution of P,Chidambaram they never accepted this verdict and went on rhetoric to prosecute him. Such adamancy arrogance creeping into their mindset. They think they are the puritans of this country. They are always soft on the opposition parties. They dont have the wisdom to question why Lokayukta is not created in Gujarat Tamilnadu Orissa  and West Bengal.They dont even accept the Economic compulsions.. Citing some scams they are against reforms and FDI RETAIL. They are a stumbling block to Foreign Investments. Their orchestrated campaign against corruption spoiled Indias Image Abroad. So slow in economic growth. They have spoiled new investmests in new ventures. Besides the judicial and CAG activism these civil societies and NGOs backed by foreign funds put enormous pressure on Economic Growth.If these trend continues India will not achieve its target. Everybody using the enormous size of the population sensationalises the things with the help of the media.

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