Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Indias foreign policy

Now Indian policy is in danger. The political battle in Tamilnadu enters into a new low ebb causing considerable damage to Indian foreign policy. The ruling clique and the main opposition and other political parties engage in cheap politics over Srilankan attrocities.It went to the extend of dictating foreign affairs in unlimited ways. One party wants India should not attend the forth coming Commonwealth conference in Srilanka. Another party wants the boycott of Srilankan players in the forthcoming IPL Cricket Tournament.Every party locked in horns with each other to mesmerise the Srilankan Tamils.No botheration about economic conditions , only bother about Srilankan Tamils.One party quits the Central govt suddenly for lankan Tamils. These attitudes will go unchecked. Some concerns in some quarters that these attitudes never bother the Indian Tamils.Some student movement is creeping also in some quarters regarding these issues.Too much hatred for Srilankans force the Srilankan Govt to have new friendship with Pakistan and China.A testing time for the govt at the centre  and they face severe crisis in foreign affairs.After the Italian marine issue new hurdles come in the form of Srilanka.

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