Saturday, 10 March 2012

Unquestioned Dynasty Rule...

Indian Congress Party is accused of promoting Dynasty Rule in India.The Gandhi family ruled this country for more than thirty years since 1950. They are elected by the people in elections ,not thrust upon.Even in defeat they accept with humility.But the opposition from 1967 accused Congress of promoting dynasty rule.First Nshru then Madam Indira Gandhi then Rajiv Gandhi.All these Prime Ministers are elected only.After 1991 the dynasty rule didnt materialise. But the anti Congress parties opposed saying they are running the Govt with Proxy Nominations. Even though gandhis are powerful they never aspire for the top Executive Post.TVS medias often target Gandhis for Dynasty Rule. Those who opposed Dynasty rule are keeping silent When AKilesh is Elected as the Chiefminister Of UP.The same When Omar Abdullah took as the chief Minister of Jammu&kashmir.Mr Stalin ,Thackerays Jagan Reddy are groomed in the same Dynasty rule.The Opposition and the medias keeping silent on the turn of events. Hereafter nobody has the moral right to question Gandhis on Dynastic Rule.

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