Saturday, 10 March 2012


In India after the recent five state elections some motivated attempts are planned to form a third front alternative to both the ruling UPA and their rivals NDA.UPA is dominated by the congress and their allies. NDA is formed by BJP and their allies. New calculations have emerged resulting in the formation of third front. Pick up some alliance parties within UPAand NDAand planning to form a third front.Regional ruling parties JD(U), AIADMK JD(S) TMC with the support of TeluguDesam have this notion. The real question is who is going to head this alliance? Mulayamsingh Jayalalitha Mamata Bijupatnaick and Nithishkumar are having this unimaginable ambition. Nobody will be unconvinced by others. They have no specific agenda but to gain in opportune movements.Among these contenders some are high ego characters .To the mockery for the highest Executive post they may opt PM post in rotation. Pm for six months then elect some other Prime ministers.Prime Ministers in waiting a novel and a laughing stock for the future.

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