Thursday, 23 February 2012

Anti nuke protests at kudankulam not well founded.ARE they mad?

Tamilnadu people always with their real wisdom and maturity show their affections for innovations . India and especially south reeling in power defeceit. Summer load sheddings and the protests are all in the game.But   new wave of protest in the name of anti nuke Kudankulam stalled the commissioning of the plant. Though they are non violent sofar the parties supporting them are violent preachers. In the name of Tamil plight they indulge in rowdyism and damages to the property.They are so mad and mad that they could not be convinced by Honble Abdul Kalam former president and scientist.They are unrelenting so that Central and state govt experts team could not convince them.Their high handedness are going beyond normal tolerance.More than 90% of Tamilnadu people are willing to commission the project. Just because of Fukishima disaster they drag the agitation too long..It seems some foreign elements are inflirtrating in the agitation. It is not so easy to convince but the protestors only confuse the others.

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